Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So Quick To Criticize

As I mentioned yesterday, 'tis the season. Not only will we see plenty of holiday albums, we'll also see the arguably unnecessary best-of releases. REM did it right by adding lots of extras. U2, on the other hand, has a new compilation coming out, which is ridiculous if you think about it. Their last compilation included everything from 1990-2000, including All That You Can't Leave Behind. They've released ONE album since (which was not their best), yet they feel the need to release a new compilation. Ok, true, there will be two new songs on there along with 16 of their "best known songs," but one song is their collaboration with Green Day that you can download the live version of now or wait until the end of the month to download the studio version. I suppose for the casual fan who doesn't own every U2 album and didn't want to plunk down the cash for two previous compilations might be interested, but for the real fans, it just makes very little cents sense to buy the new compilation in this iPod/iTunes age.

By the way, does anybody else find Atomic Bomb's Yahweh as insufferable as I do? Last I heard it, it included every annoying thing about U2 complete in one song.

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