Monday, September 25, 2006

I Bought the Dream, The One You Stole

Joseph Arthur Nuclear DaydreamSigh. This one almost slipped by. The extremely underrated Joseph Arthur released his fourth full-length CD last week. He must be feeling apocalyptic as many of us are judging by the title: Nuclear Daydream. It's available through his new label Lonely Astronaut and via iTunes. Stream the whole damn thing right here, which I'll be doing sometime this week when I need a break from work. You can also hear two new tunes at hisspace.

In case you haven't picked it up, Arthur has also made available for free download a new tune about Katrina called Last Train to Ithaca. Click here for the MP3.

Holding the VoidI'm a bit disappointed with the cover art of his new CD. His last two albums were artistic renderings done by his own hand. Now, I guess I don't know if this new cover is something he did himself, but it makes him look like Liam Gallagher or Ian Brown, which isn't quite fair to him. Regardless, if you're a fan of what you've seen of his art, you might want to purchase his new(ish) book, We Almost Made It. It's one of those snooty hardbound books that make you feel cooler than you really are. What is cool, though, is that it's accompanied by original instrumental music, which you can sample and dowload on hisotherspace. You can buy the book here for $37. Not too bad.

Finally, I also discovered yet another one of his projects (slow down, Joe!). Check out his "pure rock 'n' roll" band Holding the Void at theirspace. Evidently, this came out in 2003 originally (scroll down to read a short review here), but his site lists it as a 2006 release. Who cares. Buy it. Go to his site. Quantities are limited. It sounds cool, especially if you like Arthur's solo work. And if you haven't heard his solo work, well then SHAME!


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