Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They Cut Off My Legs, Now I'm an Amputee Goddamn You

Harvey Danger Little by LittleI missed this one. Harvey Danger released their newest album Little by Little as a digital download last year. It'll set you back ... nothing. The whole album is free. They just ask that if you like it, either purchase the actual disc or make a contribution. Interesting model. If you'd rather buy it the conventional way, Kill Rock Stars just released it last week.

By the way, you might remember Harvey Danger by their 90s modern rock "hit" Flagpole Sitta. They were one of those pretty good 90s bands that got stuck with one noveltyish hit and never garnered much attention beyond that even though they deserved it (Nada Surf is probably the best example of that -- Popular is an amusing tune but very unrepresentative of how great Nada Surf really is).

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