Monday, August 07, 2006

Is There Something Wrong and You Can't Put Your Finger On It?

Remember Del Amitri? Unfortunately, most remember them as the band behind the little ditty Roll to Me, which evidently they don't remember fondly. Earlier this year, they posted an entry on theirspace explaining the top ten reasons why you won't find Roll to Me there. Highlights:

5. It may have bought us houses, and for that we respect it but as a worthy foe not a favoured friend.
6. It's too fast to catch any meaning. In fact it is so quick, it is positively glib.
8. Phonetically translated into Korean the title means "Arrive Those Bucket".
9. It lacks the imperceptible purring of a soul.

Del Amitri Change EverythingYikes. Roll to Me is certainly one of my least favorite Del Amitri tunes because it's the least representative yet their biggest hit. Don't you hate when that happens? Most of their tunes are much darker and much better. Change Everything is still one of my favorite (favourite?) albums of all times. Truly. It just so happened that it became one of my favorites while falling for my wife-to-be, so that may explain it. Too much, I know.

So it seems they're shopping around their new music. Too bad a veteran band can't find any label to release their new stuff. Who knows why. Maybe their wants and needs are too high. Maybe they're only looking for big labels, which, let's be honest, they're probably not going to get at this point in their career. It's obviously becoming much easier to release music independently and they have a strong enough following to probably make it worth their while. Until they realize this, though, perhaps these tunes are the only new ones we'll hear. Sounds ok. They're following up their 2002 album Can You Do Me Good? and continuing some of that album's synthetic stylings, which were interesting and fairly subtle on that album but a bit much on the new tunes. I'll keep listening, but I think they need to continue to polish them up. Nonetheless, good to hear they're still at it.

And lead singer Justin Currie is also shopping around a solo album. Sample some tunes at hisspace.

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