Monday, August 14, 2006

If You Feel You're Getting Bored

U2 NumbI just recently put U2 Zooropa on my iPod and I'd forgotten how good it is. Achtung Baby was really the first U2 album I fell in love with and when Zooropa was released, it really threw me a bit off. I thought Numb was too weird yet strangely appealing. Hearing it again for the first time in several years has inspired me to explore the rest of the album to hear what I might've missed then. I expect it'll be more rewarding than listening to Atomic Bomb, which was a bit of a letdown for me.
By the way, Billboard reports that Zoo TV Live from Sydney is getting the DVD treatment on September 17 and it will include a karaoke version of Numb. I think Edge is a much better guitarist than a "singer" so I bet we'll all be able to do comparable versions. And evidently U2 is in the studio as well. The band that keeps on going and going and going.

Check out the cool Numb video here at YouTube.

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