Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Best Radio on Television

Back in my college days at Drake, I was music director and eventually general manager of KDRK, the campus radio station. We played excellent college alternative music, which in the early-mid 90s was fleeting fast. We worked hard to program it like a real radio station and even made the DJs follow some semblance of a playlist. After all, we were all learning how to work at a real radio station. The kicker is that KDRK really wasn't a radio station. We were only broadcast on local cable TV, hence "The Best Radio on Television," a slogan ahead of its day with Sirius now using "The Best Radio on Radio."

Ten long years after I graduated, today marks the day KDRK becomes a real radio station. Well, it's no longer KDRK and it's still a college radio station, but it's on the air and it's cool to see our dream become a reality for a new generation of geeky AV nerd students. In Des Moines, you can listen to "The Dog," KDRA-LP at 94.1. Online, you can listen here or via iTunes.

We may be past college radio's prime, but I know that decades of work went behind making this a reality at Drake. Congratulations to the profs, students, and alumni involved that helped make this a reality.

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