Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All These Days Gone By

It only took eight years, but Sean Lennon is releasing the follow-up to Into the Sun on September 26. Stereogum has more details, a video, and a download of Home. You can also hear new tunes on hisspace.

It's a bit creepy to see Lennon. He's exactly what you'd expect him to look like. Even Conan couldn't do it better. His music, though, doesn't quite live up to that legacy. His squeaky voice doesn't have quite the conviction his father's did. On the other hand, he doesn't quite suck either. Thankfully his music is more influenced by Dad than Mom.

Not much going on with John's second favorite son (that'd be Julian Lennon, Mr. Much Too Late For Goodbyes). He's notoriously slow in getting new music released. His last one, Photograph Smile, was a nice listen. Got to see him live in Chicago when he toured to support it and it was a fun show. It was just amazing to see the Lennon bloodline performing, particularly when he has his own talents. Hopefully Jules will be releasing new stuff soon. In the meantime, Sean will do.

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