Tuesday, June 13, 2006

There's No Second Chance

MonkeemanNot Lame recommends Monkeeman. 2poppy considered their recommendation and enjoyed the soundbites put up by Not Lame. 2poppy checked out even more on theirspace. Now, 2poppy recommends Monkeeman.

Monkeeman is from Germany so it's not likely you'll find it on an endcap at Best Buy. Not Lame has a limited amount of copies of their latest Burn To Shine if you want the shiny disc. If you're the digital type, iTunes suprisingly has it as well. But you should give some love to Not Lame for digging this one up for you.

MP3: Monkeeman - Life is Wonderful (via)
MP3: Monkeeman - The Last Ones (Preview via)

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