Friday, June 02, 2006

On Peeples

Peeples Music (no website, even) in Des Moines is finally shuttering on June 3rd. While owner Mike Enloe can moan and screek about digital-this and thievery-that as the undoers of his shop, nothing can sweeten the fact that Peeples Music sucked as a record store. As my good friend Dirty asked: "How many Dave Matthews Band compilations, posters, bootlegs do I fucking need?". Peeples never had what I wanted to buy...the prices were way, way too high for things I maybe-possibly would have bought...and it took twenty minutes to check out whenever I did buy. I tried. And I do support good local, independent music retail. Check out ZZZ Records.

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2poppy said...

ZZZ Records is all we have left, yes? I went into Peeples more than once looking for a new release that I know I wouldn't find at Best Buy because I didn't want to wait for it to be delivered to me after ordering it online. The majority of the times that I did this, Peeples did not have it, and once, the employee looked at me like I was crazy to ask (and this was for matt pond pa, not too crazy!). I agree BP. They had it coming.