Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Never Needed to Shine

LongshadowsNot unlike the Kevin Bacon game or living in Des Moines, the world of pop music is fascinating for its interconnectedness. I recently discovered that Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms is good friends with Steve French, who was in an obscure early nineties britpop band called Starclub that had a very minor hit with Hard to Get. I was one of six other people who actually bought the album because I enjoyed the tune, although I couldn't even think of another song from that album without looking it up. Evidently French and Wilson became friends when their two bands toured together way back when. Starclub

French has become a producer who worked with Wilson in some of his solo projects after the Gin Blossoms initially broke up. Now, they've formed their own band called the Longshadows that has a pretty good sound. It's hard to hear Wilson's voice in anything not identified with the Gin Blossoms, but these soundbites have - for lack of any better term - a more adult sound. Perhaps what I mean is that it tends to be a bit mellower and less immediately hooky than Wilson's more successful band.

I'm intrigued though not quite sold. Perhaps if the Gin Blossoms' new tune ever hits me, I may just dig a little deeper and spend more time with the Longshadows. In the meantime, I may just have to dig out that ol' Starclub CD, blow off the dust, and get that sucker on the iPod.

Check out previews of the Longshadows on theirspace, iTunes, and Not Lame.

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