Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Subsistin' on that Same Old Bread

Zzzzzzzz.....oh, sorry - just fell asleep listening to Live's latest, Songs From Black Mountain.

The album isn't bad, but it's just not that exciting. There aren't even any standout tracks. Every song is a solid 3 rating. It's certainly no Mental Jewelry or Throwing Copper. Not even close. About on par with their last couple of albums. Enjoyable, but unexciting. Even the album cover art is boring and looks like 1/2 of the artwork produced for their singles and albums.

The band has also mellowed quite a bit over the years. The edge is still there, but it's not as sharp. As evidence, they appeared on American Idol tonight. :-)

I'm a big fan and would like just about anything they release, but this one was disappointing for me.

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2poppy said...

I doubt they'll ever regain their edge. Judging by the godawful American Idol appearance, they're obviously preoccupied with trying to sell records. Too bad. The first half of their career was quite memorable.

Friends are bored of hearing it, but Live was one of the coolest live shows I've seen. Irving Plaza, New York City, right before Throwing Copper came out (Nov. 6, 1993 according to the Irving Plaza website). They blew everybody away.