Monday, May 01, 2006

Listen Up To My New CD, Sham On

Over the HedgeBen Folds is releasing new music. How about that?

So, another Internet-only EP? Nope.

Ok, a new single from Songs for Silverman? Nah.

Hmm, did he do something else with Shatner? Sorta.

Oh, so he's releasing five new tunes on the soundtrack to the animated movie Over the Hedge, which will include a special version of Rockin' the Suburbs featuring Capt. Kirk and a cover of the classic Clash tune Lost in the Supermarket? Naturally. And you can pre-order a copy here and get it autographed. Spiffy. If you're a bum, you can wait until it's in stores May 16.

UPDATE: sure enough, the autographed copies are gone (I get the email from Mr. Folds today telling me to pre-order and check the damn site tonight to find out the autographed ones are all gone - figures), but you can get an AWESOME mini-poster of Over the Hedge. It'll come in the form of a goddamned non-autographed booklet that'll fit neatly into the jewel box that will also hold the CD. Holy shit, what will they think of next?

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