Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keep Me Closer Don't You Let Me Go

Jon AuerWow. Didn't expect it to be soooo good, but the new Jon Auer solo CD Songs From the Year of Our Demise is just that. And it blows away anything he's done with the Posies and Big Star recently. It's delightfully mellow and calming, simply the perfect album for my life right now. It might be yet another song with "sun" in the title, but Sundown is nearly perfect itself (I'm a sucker for well-used sha-la-las). Seek this one out, even if you're a casual Posies fan. Not Lame has it of course with previews, but it's a bit pricey. Haven't seen it pop up on iTunes yet.

Auer is an "underrated guitarist ... in top form here" according to this review.

Also, did you know Queen Latifah was a Posies fan? Neither did I.

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