Thursday, March 23, 2006

There Are Places I Remember

The BeatlesCapitol is again repackaging its Beatles catalog and is issuing Capitol Albums Vol. 2. When the Beatles CDs were originally released oh so long ago (c'mon, we need them remastered and online!) they were the British versions. The American versions were quite different, so now Capitol is slowly releasing the American versions. I don't know if they're remastered or not. Unlikely. But, for collectors, and for those who fell in love with the American albums, this is a must have.

More info about the first Capitol Albums can be found here.

UPDATE: They are remastered. Thanks Way2Poppy.

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Anonymous said...

They actually are remastered from the best masters they could find. I've got Volume 1 and the quality is decent - but still nothing like "1". The American versions suffer from lots of added echo & reverb. This is really only for the completest Beatle-holics.