Friday, March 24, 2006

She Laughed and Then She Died

Charlatans UK Some FriendlyUpgrading one's iPod from 15gb to 60gb allows one to revisit some old favorites. I've been listening to Some Friendly by the Charlatans UK (now sans UK). It's a classic, as were their next couple of albums. But they've been quite a prolific band and somehow I've missed their last few albums. I don't know if I've lost interest or I live too much in my musical past, but whenever I listen to them, I like what I hear.

Behold, a new Charlatans album is set to be released April 17 (May 2 for us Americans): Simpatico. Preview the new tune Blackened Blue Eyes at their requisite space. Or watch the video here if you can stomach Real Player. I can't.

I think the Charlatans have had trouble, particularly here in the US, shaking the bandwagon tag they were given when Some Friendly was released. Of course, it came out after the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, but I think they carried the Madchester torch quite well for a few years. Makes me want to dig out some classic Inspiral Carpets.

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