Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ever Since I Was A Twinkle In My Father's Pants

Okay, I should probably re-write this so it comes from me, but I'm just too darn tired to bother. Here's what Roger has to say about his upcoming album release:

It's finally a reality! With the two following very special events we announce the official release of Roger's latest solo album, "Solid State Warrior," previously only available as an audio download from

The first announcement is that with his recent signing to Warner Music Group's newest label CORDLESS RECORDINGS, who will be releasing his solo album this fall. This will be precluded by a three-song "cluster," available for download starting May 2nd . CORDLESS is an exciting new label headed up by former Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman. Roger and this new team of pioneering record company mavericks are very excited about bringing new music to your attention in a refreshing and bold new way. Preceding the word-wide release of the full length album, Roger will be producing a series of "video podcasts" that will be shot around his studio to document how the album was made. These vignettes will be available online ideally starting around May '06.

The second bit of wonderful news is that the Japanese-only release of "Solid State Warrior" is officially being made available on CD in digi-pack format on March 2nd. The 11 song album, on Pony Canyon Recordings, contains beautiful original artwork by Japanese artist ADAPTER for both the wraparound and booklet, which of course contains lyrics and album credits. The album will be easily available as an import-only from sites such as Amazon and Not Lame Recordings. Roger's website will not be carrying the album for sale.

Once again, Roger would like to express his heartfelt thanks to all of you for your interest thus far in both the website, Roger's career and vintage merchandise. Your undying enthusiasm and patronage only continues to fuel his creative fires!

***UPDATE***:My Jellyfish-loving best friend Matt just got the album and says it's AWESOME. Sounds like a new Jellyfish album. I can't friggin' wait!! I just ordered it from Not Lame.

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