Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's So Weird To Be Back Here

I'm impressed with the Val Air Ballroom here in Des Moines. First they announced Wilco was coming on March 22. Now, it seems Ben Folds will be there on March 9. Sure, big-city visitors, laugh at us, but for two artists of their caliber to visit Des Moines within two weeks of each other at the same venue is something to be lauded.

Wilco tickets are $28.50 and go on sale Friday, February 10 at 10am. Ben Folds tickets are $26.50 and go on sale tomorrow at noon. Sweet. It's been a couple of years since BF visited during the Drake Relays. He put on a great show, although I'm sure it was better back in the Five days. Bummer I have class that night.

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