Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And My Love For You Ain't Never Gonna End, You're My Best Friend

Justin RobertsStereogum's recent post on a new indie kids compilation called See You On The Moon! prompted me to finally post about a great Des Moines-bred artist named Justin Roberts. He is proof-positive that those of us with arguably a good taste in music who also happen to have kids do not have to settle for Barney, Wiggles, or god help us, Kidz Bop. I take my kids to and from school every day. When we aren't talking, rather than ignoring their interests by listening to my own music, I'll play Justin for them. The great thing about him is that I don't suffer at all. In fact, I find myself singing along to almost every song. And I also know that it is a great catalyst for my kids to grow a lifelong appreciation of great music like their dad. He doesn't sing down to them and doesn't insult their intelligence. The music does not have to be simple-minded just because it's for kids. He understands this and I respect him for that. And it simply is not kids' music, although lyrically it appeals to them. The music is outstanding too poppy material.

Just pick one of his several CDs and you cannot go wrong, or wait until his new one (Meltdown!) comes out on March 21. iTunes has them all or you can order through his site.

Current favorites via iTunes:
2poppy: All Eyes on You (mellow, life-affirming, and esteem-boosting: you'd hardly consider this kids' music)
Mrs. 2poppy: Mama Is Sad (not because mama is actually sad, but because it's a great bonding song for her and daughter: heavy material dealt with so delicately)
2poppy's daughter: Apple Tree (we all start small)
2poppy's son: Picture Day (we can all relate to school picture day)

Check out Justin live when he comes close to your town. Your kids will love you for it, and there's nothing cooler than seeing your kids in their very first mosh pit. He'll be in Des Moines March 11.

Related: Justin's collaborator is Liam and he has his own great pop band called Frisbie, with which I've been meaning to spend more time. Soon.

For more cool kids' music, "because no one should have to listen to the wiggles, ever," check out the small ages blog.

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