Friday, December 16, 2005

Why Stir Up Memories?

God, yes, another Paul McCartney post. I'm sorry. It'll die down after awhile. He must be short some cash because he's pushing a lot of product this year, and I had to share this one.

He's made available a few vinyl copies of the original Russian printing of Choba B CCCP. This was an album of oldies he did back in 1988 that was exclusively released in the Soviet Union until a version was made available in the US a few years later. It was ridiculously collectible in those few years it was not available here, and now you can get a legit copy of the original thing. It's a very cool gift idea for any Beatles collector. I'm not a big fan of covers and oldies and crap, but this is certainly some of McCartney's best work.

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