Monday, December 19, 2005

Am I the Sentimental Favorite of the Day?

Three Wishes has been cancelled. Three Wishes was that cheesy show that granted three wishes to somebody. And Amy Grant was the one who granted those wishes. Get it? Grant? I'm shocked it's cancelled.

Anyway, Owsley, who is quite a fine pop artist himself, has been a guitarist for Grant's band for years. I believe he helped compose the theme song for that ill-fated program. That was just some of the news from his email list. I happen to think more interesting than that is the fact that rare and new music may be coming out on iTunes in January. From the email list:

Owsley has been in contact with iTunes and they are excited to get some more singles coming our way, probably in January. They have talked about releasing “Mess With Me” (yeah!) (Ed. note: Mess With Me is only available on the Japanese import copy of his first CD, an excellent, grammy-nominated collection of power pop), possibly the Cars tribute song he did plus some song we have yet to hear! While working on other projects (below) Will continues to write and record in his studio, so by no means has he totally shut the door on his solo work. He’ll be in LA next month and is working to line up an acoustic gig while he’s in town… we’ll post any info when it’s nailed down.

Photo is from his official site

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