Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Thought of All the Stupid Things I've Done

What the hell happened to the Coldplay of Yellow and Trouble? Or even In My Place? In his increasingly desperate pleas to be the new Bono (or even Michael Stipe), Chris Martin started putting political messages on his fingers, arms, whatever. Ok, fine. Then he married an annoying, snobby celebrity who really didn't deserve her Oscar. Sure, that's to be expected. Then he had a kid and named it after a fruit. Hey, I like apples, even computer and record apples despite their disagreements. But to subject a child to such punishment is disappointing to say the least. Then, they release a by-the-numbers third album that had some decent tunes (Speed of Sound) and one horrific piece of garbage (Fix You). Now, they're releasing their next single as a ringtone during CSI:NY. YIKES! It doesn't happen much, but when the BS starts outweighing the quality of the music, it's not even worth the iPod space anymore (warning: Flaming Lips, you're dangerously close to meeting a similar fate). With the exceptions of the decent tunes already mentioned, Coldplay is dead to me.

Rant over.

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