Friday, November 18, 2005

So Go On If This Will Make You Happier

Guster is crazy. Guster is releasing a new single five months before the album. Guster sent me a special message about this. Guster would like me to share this message with you. Me gusta Guster.

Okay, so this will be really quick. We have a release date for "Manifest Destiny / Sorority Tears" -- the first nugget of music we're throwing your way from all the recording we've done this year.
While the album won't be out until April, you'll be able to download this little song-and-a-half from the iTunes Music Store and other major digital media sites on Nov 29th. I suppose that with all the computer savvy Gustertrons out there, combined with the low low price of 99 cents for the download, combined with one more naggy emailer dropping on the 29th of the month, we are aiming to shake up the iTunes world with the kind of five-months-before-the-album response that will earn us our own collector's item Guster iPods with a pastel color for each member of the band.

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