Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Not too long ago, it was discovered that Sony was infecting computers with copy protection technology called XCP. Some of its CDs include this software that hides itself once loaded onto your computer. It's a crap move and it's created quite a backlash. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published an incomplete list of these dangerous CDs. Use them carefully. Don't buy them. Boycott Sony. Buy a Mac. Whatever. As consumers, we should have the right to know exactly what we're buying, and we should have a right to listen to our music without infecting our computers. This kind of tactic will inevitably have the adverse effect -- why wouldn't music lovers track down electronic versions (legal or even illegal) to avoid this? Let's just hope other companies don't try a similar bone-headed move.

UPDATE: Who didn't see this coming?

UPDATE 2: This is getting ridiculous: Macs are allegedly not safe either.

UPDATE 3: Sony temporarily suspends its intrusive abuse of its customers. I'm sure their R&D department is busy at work on how to alienate more music customers.

UPDATE CUATRO: Boing Boing has a great timeline and continues to publish new updates.
UPDATE CINCO: Jeez - Thanks a lot, Sony


Anonymous said...

f-sony. thanks for the heads up.

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