Saturday, November 05, 2005

Breakfast Is On The Kitchen Counter

The Odds - Neopolitan
Retro Time - I was listening to an album by a somewhat obscure but awesome early-90's band, The Odds, called Neopolitan.

It has probably been about 3 years since I've listened to this gem. What a great album and what great memories it brings back. Stand-out tracks include Eternal Ecstasy, Wendy Under The Stars, Truth or Dare, Trees, Domesticated Blind and Big White Wall. Hey, I told you it was a good album.

Follow-up albums didn't quite capture the magic in my opinion, but Bedbugs came pretty close. Check 'em out. Unfortunately they're not available in iTunes.

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2poppy said...

Awesome you did on a post of the Odds. I was thinking of doing one about a week or two ago after listening to Wendy Under the Stars multiple times. "She was 31 I was 17." I think when the album came out, I was 17. Now, I'm 31. Truly a great song, and a great album. Their later albums are definitely underrated, and they're some I've always meant to revisit. Thanks for giving me an incentive to listen yet again to this gem.