Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Notable New Releases

Seriously, didn't I just post a huge list last week?! Yikes.
In no particular order:

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
Finally. Too bad Jon Brion's getting the blame for the loooooong delay.

Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
Yeah, yeah. Blah, blah. Convince me.

My Morning Jacket - Z
This and a cameo in Cameron Crowe's new flick? Wow. Special.

Liz Phair - Somebody's Miracle
Consensus: no me gusta.

Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene
Just ... can't ... think ... of ... anything ... to ... type.

Celine Dion - On Ne Change Pas
Oh, god, no, eh. I didn't know Vegas acts still recorded.

Ladytron - Witching Hour
Their first one was a righteous table tennis soundtrack.

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
I read something somewhere sometime recently that made me remember their name.

John Lennon - Working Class Hero: The Definitive Collection
Yet another compilation. Must be the holidays. Just buy his damn albums and avoid crass cash-ins like this.

Andy Bell - Electric Blue
Worst Blue Man since Tobias.

Journey - Generations

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sammyyummy said...

can you kindly upload and share luz phair's somebody's miracle cd