Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Notable New Releases

I tend to miss so many new releases despite receiving updates every frickin' week. So, I'll add to the fray by listing my own notable new releases. Perhaps I won't miss too many now. Yeah, ok. This week:

Abandoned Pools - Armed to the Teeth
I remember hearing a tune or three a few years ago and really liking them. Oops, forgot to dig deeper.
Sample here.

Big Star - In Space
New Big Star?!? Goo.

Blind Melon - The Best of Blind Melon
What? One song?

Calla - Collisions
I'll defer to our elusive contributor Dirty Pop for this one.

Her Space Holiday - The Past Presents the Future
I dunno - I've heard of them.
MP3: Forever and a Day

The Joggers - With a Cape and a Cane
I hear a buzz.
Sample here.

Natalie Merchant - Greatest Hits
What? Two songs?

Ric Ocasek - Nexterday
I've heard good things about this but I've yet to hear it. Nice to see him doing his own stuff, though.

Supergrass - Road to Rouen
I've always meant to listen to more Supergrass. I particularly like their earlier stuff.
Sample here.

Neil Young - Prairie Wind

Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995
Smithereens, Posies, Spongetones, La's, Plimsouls, Teenage Fanclub, Inspiral Carpets, Wondermints: just a bit of what's in this box. No need to say more. Wow.

Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story
Depeche Mode, Cure, Erasure, Modern English, Morrissey, Echo & the Bunnymen, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Ocean Blue, Ice-T: just a taste of what's in this box. No need to say more. Wow.

Veronica Mars Soundtrack
In the tradition of The OC, another TV show ruins good music, like Stereophonics, Delays, Ivy, etc. I miss Phantom Planet before The OC ruined California. Sigh.

Holy crap. I need money.

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