Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Joie Calio - Complications of Glitter

Fans of DADA are familiar with the distinctive voice of Joie Calio. Somehow this release snuck by me (March 02, 2004).

If you like DADA, I think you'll like this release. You'll especially like it if you were as disappointed as I was at their last effort, How To Be Found. Joie Calio's Complications of Glitter is much more akin to DADA's incredible Puzzle.

The standout tracks for me are Morning Sickness and Broke Jennifer's Window. Both are golden power pop nuggets. Morning Sickness is an updated version that was released on several years ago under the band name Candy Apple Black. I wish he would have also included a version of the catchy Habit Forming that was also available on

Joie Calio - Complications of Glitter
A very solid effort and a definite recommend. 3.75 Stars.

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